bearded philosopher

bearded philosopher

Thursday, May 31, 2007

my dog

i loved my dog.
she was so cute and alive..
we spent the whole day together...
i had brought her when she was very small..
so small that she would sleep in my arms and not make a noise.
su was so full of energy...
she leapt from one corner of the room to the other...she kept trying to climb the bed
stretched and strecthed and she finally made it..
so i gave her the rightful spot..she slept at my feet..
and would wake me up each morning
it was wonderful i loved her and she loved me..
but good things dont last long..
maybe some poison or a dogbite
and she was ill..
the end came so fast it was too quick to react
i remember the last night with su...
she could not sleep ...
she could not cry ...
i kept telling her we would go to the doctor tomorrow
but she did not wait
she died in my arms and took my soul with her
she will live eternally in my mind and in my heart
she was mine


Aishik said...

hmm my old was she

nauka said...

hii..this one is the only one i understood properly n its really touched me

Anonymous said...

My dog, Scooby, died last month..
I'm sad too..