bearded philosopher

bearded philosopher

Saturday, May 19, 2007

war and pettiness

today i received my farewell gift from my dept.
the wind is angry and so am i.
lowest marks in seminar is not what baba deserves.
ill kill them who differ.
as i sit down with a cool head i realize
mediocracy is gifted not by God but my men
because they..yes they feel safe...
it would take a war to defeat these people
they are spread ..widespread ..common to all places army will rise,my army and the likes of me
till then i am hopeful,and you are too...
the wonders you have not yet witnessed
till my last breath i wish to show them
for now,you have to wait ..wait for sunshine


sunrita said...

Nice Blog...keep writing. Suddenly u sound very academic...y so?

baba said...

u see m very in exam time i become academic:P

ghostrider said...

abhe saale pass kar ja uske baad apna nautanki dikhana ,,jyada udh mat