bearded philosopher

bearded philosopher

Thursday, May 17, 2007

wasted nights

ya and the fragility isnt costing me a dime
time is ticking and the sound is deafening
its night dawn i never know but
my mental capacity is gearing up
and every time exams come
real close
everything else washes away
i am the same old boy reading
the boy of yore who had wondrous eyes
and a soft cheek
blessed is my sound mind so that i can speak


sunny said...
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sunny said...

eventually u will be free,with no exams,nothin would ever bothr u
and the boy with wondrous eyes wud never miss enjoying the forbidden fruit

a nice post...keep writing

Anonymous said...

Hey you're a good writer man.. I mean real good.. In a minimalistic sense.. You make most of it with very few words..

Keep posting..