bearded philosopher

bearded philosopher

Friday, January 23, 2009

waking up

the world is over now i shut my eyes to the past and look forward now.
i strain my fingers let them flow like fluid.
only in this lucidity shall i get what i aim for.
people have come and people have gone ..
sadness and despair have passed the soul. this time is not the time to weep but hold ur head up and stare at the face of misery . laugh hysterically and mock the pain that resides in you.
its time to open up and type ur cramps away.
write like u had to die tomorrow .
the author in u awakes not by force but by the violent turbulence and the urge to write/
to write as it should be written and to write with the animosity of great intellectual gaiety.
to celebrate words and their comninations to take out music from the lines like a great composer.
the time has come never to go back.
as i put forth the words of this millenium .
all that follows i dont care al that was is bygone .
this is my life and I embrace it with open arms coz this is what i love to do.
i see the horizon a new one and God has made it beautiful .
amen brothers sisters
those who i have hurt and those who hurt me
this sentimentalist is gone he is going to use all ur provocations in work of his own.
he is going to create worlds out of those real hard feeling u gave him./
he is going to make music from hay.
because he is a words man and he never gonna die.

bliss for a second missed forever

its been a long time. Today we will go through the basics of what happened the other day to me. well it did perturb me to an extent which demanded my returning to my damned blog. damned for reasons some people would know. any way its unholy to digress at this point i would never get to the simple fat story.

a normal day in office yesterday and i just asked a cool girl to have ice cream on a bright sat sunny morning near her house. my reasons were plenty , i have seldom talked to her so i decide to bring in the comfort level first. So here comes my innovative suggestions... close to her house ( she can run away at a point of any distress) ice cream ( everybody loves ice cream) and broad daylight( this really is pretty simple to understand)

and stating my facts and assuring her that i was not on any police record she agreed.

that was it that was simple and i was happy. happy after a long time that i had actually something to look forward to . it s not a bit easy to be happy these days, nt one bit. growing uncertainity almost makes u yelp in fright. but ya i was happy, i was happy in broad daylight.

and today friday i was apprehensive of a possible set back to my current state of gaiety and thw worse happened before my very eyes. she called it off. and so my mood goes and its like 3 pm and i haven't completed my work. y m i getting so off today coz that happens when something happy is takene away from u as simply as it was given to u.

i give up man, broad daylight and ice it too much to ask?
why cant be things simple and people learn to accept friends staring at their face.
why cant it be simple yet beautiful.
i fail to understand but an urge to write precedes the urge to shout at the sky. thats happiness taken out of happiness and i know its crazy and life is crazy. u never get what u want and u sometimes feel ur right. thats what life is being there holding on and breaking loose.

let the wind guide u my friend.
let it be ur torch //amen