bearded philosopher

bearded philosopher

Sunday, May 27, 2007

scram while u can

love lost ...
i am a ghost
my expressions may seem peculiar
and my thoughts unreal
my soul is empty now
the thing i expected
the thing that was bound to happen
four years of perennial pain...
anguish hopelessness and hope
the real world is strange
and true love cant reach more than touch
lust is primarily the source of unbound energy
emotions make men weak
i write in blood
screaming waiting to tear the person into shreds
who made me an empty soul
and screaming past endurance
in hope of nothing
as i expect nothing
as i want nothing
but blood..


sunny said...

kisko marna hai be... humko mat bolna karna hia khud karna...

ghostrider said...

kiska comment delete kiya hai,,humko bhi bhi mat bolna ,k=jail me milte hai

nauka said...

wow!!!u write so well..good art...

ghostrider said...

nauka nadia ke par

Anonymous said...

Ah, makes a great head-banging death-metal song...