bearded philosopher

bearded philosopher

Sunday, June 3, 2007


its time to leave belgaum .4 years have passed by like seconds.i still remember and cherish my hostel days..i have grown from there.people have influenced me..but most of all i myself have opened up to my own resourcefulness .the thing is i had a heck of a time.friends ,booze ,friends and booze.its been like a mantra...getting caught by policemen at 3 in the morning taken away..the next day spent in getting back my bike,,fond memories of yore...memories to stay forever.getting drunk and forgetting everything,puking helping others puke,getting up with a hangover.this was life ,but such untended joy of life cannot last forever.but,i am happy that i did enjoy,i will miss u guys,i will miss those wild nights and those sleepy days...i love u ,,adieu my friends ..keep me in your hearts..


Mayara said...

I'm not creative enough to leave you an interesting comment...I'm sorry =(
Anyway...I didn't know you were traveling...I guess you've probably told me but i've been so busy that I couln't remember even about the things I did 2 days ago....
Wish you all the best! Bye!

nauka said...

hey its awesome..its really hard to believe that v all r leaving....all the best 4 ur future

Anonymous said...

I don't think we both boozed together [would love to someday] but it was great meeting you man. Hope we'd met sometime earlier so that I could have known you better and yeah of course a couple of guitar lesson from the our college's legendary guitarist. :) Love you guys, Sunny, Naveen, and you. The best I've seen from the non-karnataka lot..