bearded philosopher

bearded philosopher

Thursday, July 19, 2007

THE DEATH METAL SONG-part1-album-the beginning

look aside dear miss
have a sideways glance
take my hand or you shall trip
life is getting shorter
every minute gets longer
i dont want to look at you
i dont want to spit at you
i dont want to hate you
i dont want to love you
i want to kill you

thr rose is black
the thorns have blood
and i can feel the heat
sweat in my brows
i am tired too tired to give up.
i will kill you because you killed me
because love left me and my shadow shone in the sun
shadows should be dark
but when shadows go
when softness grapples
hold me tight strangle my youth

i dont want to look at you
i dont want to spit at you
i dont want to hate you
i dont want to love you
i want to kill you


Wednesday, July 18, 2007


after many days i sit down to write i am unforcefully dissatisfied.there was a time when words came out easily and life was was very simple.we were kids and work was play and play was work.suddenly out of the blue ,thunderstruck i realized that i am no longer young to be free.we are always under some sort of control.where is freedom.if google gives u 10 lakhs and u write the software for say another online society or another long can a man do things which are long.we are chained and we dont know because we get paid salaries and keep cars and have the illusion that we dwell freely spend as we wish.but tell me one fukking day u got up and felt free ,u can not and may not do what u may but first ..change your mind and hold my hand

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

black as rain this forest goes
seldom do i have to forsee
the music is here and within
lay your eyes on the yellow path
hey baby give me your hand
dont ever leave me framed
my old frame looks at me
with the rage and ferocity
i cry but my tears fade away into black
black rain wash me away
its time to lift my head and
see your beauty in bliss
to moving light grows dim
my eternal sanity
i forget
i forgive
let me be framed within

Sunday, July 8, 2007

this is the end.its getting late at night and i am still bewildered ..more at myself than anybody seems just yesterday when i promised myself i would not love.promises should not be broken ,but such sweet a person came swaying into my life,i couldn't help it.with my knowing without my knowing i fell head over heels.maybe she likes me too ,but has reasons to refrain from letting go.i have gone crazy ,so she agrees,life is strange .i dont feel like letting go,letting her go,and she can't let go off her black box of limitations.we are both first i was hurt and i sped away into the streets cursing myself of having comitted the same blunder all over again.later i realized that everything happens for a reason and love is holy and love should be held at a higher position.i no longer felt ashamed of having loved , but instead i felt elated to have loved in such a short time and this was the first time i expressed it.i will wait for u till eternity , i 'll wait for you to come back to me


the world is harsh

i am harsh too

venom does bot flow through my veins

so in this world

i love

and do the mistake

the unforgivable curse

i hate me for being so naive

and fall for fantasy

blinding my self from what is real

and i hope that other people see

lift up their veils

and understand that sunshine is eternal

when its in your mind

the way things should be

no reservations

no grudges

so i am happy again

to know that i can still love

love you