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bearded philosopher

Friday, August 17, 2007

rock revisited part 1

some things in life sound rythmic and slowly a subtle thing slips from beneath our feets...the thin line which divides obscurity from simple plain.let me explain to you in the most simple way, the doc to a man.Now why did i write "the doc to a man"?read the sentence with and without with that part ..there's a difference different it actually really matters what kinds of sounds you like.i may go like "i had luck today"...and then maybe i wud write "hay ho sun shine on my luck today"..thats being happy and almost expressing your gratitude on luck.this is how songs are written this is how lyrics should be ..musical .music cannot be forced into lyrics but lyrics should breed music.

lets try out four lines of a song.first let it be done your way.

"last april,i left my dear old school
so many years i will never forget
so many faces i will never regret
i miss u i miss u"

this is good actually and ya u cud make a cuddly song with it..but lets get deeper,thats whats rock all about eh

maybe i wuyd sing like this
" it was last april my heart broke in two
that old school that old old place those old and gold i forget
hey baby give me five make me high and let me regret
lemme regret my life i had with them ,make em longer so u wish hey baby
wish wish i miss u soo wish wish oh ho"



gauri rao said...

very nicely written dat jst change ur thought process...n always be happy....must read....good one!!

ghostrider said... sounds crappy...