bearded philosopher

bearded philosopher

Saturday, August 25, 2007

random(dont read)

i think its gone.maybe there was nothing from the start.but the sun has shone brightly today and i looked into the sky and i saw new hope after so many days.maybe its the music playing thats giving me the high.but i enjoy the immense bliss that i sometimes experience.i expect people to feel that when they are with me no matter how less time they spend .i feel like running ,keep running keep falling in love.i would love to tour the new people ,real people who would value doo as much as i do.this world needs men who leave a stamp,a stamp of proof that nothing has changed.ther's harmony where we seldom expect.maybe the only love i got was from a dog,but not many people are proud of that.nothing has changed .maybe we need to imagine more and believe more.believe in us,believe in u.

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Gammafunction said...

your writing rocks....waiting for you to come down to bangalore...