bearded philosopher

bearded philosopher

Sunday, June 3, 2007


hey baby..hey baby
have u ever felt the feeling light
have u ever felt the going high
high high hiiiiiigh have u ever felt even near...
i like to hear you scream
make the world disappear
hey you can you hear me
across the wastefulness
hear the rhythm baby
light old fragrant steps..lightly stepping towards heaven
hey you listen to me
do u feel me move..move relentlessly
do u feel the cymbals crashing out obscurity
hear the screaching guitars
no words baby there are no words ..this is music
baby this is music
sway sway away sway away from the rest
hit me kick me but dont have a grudge on me
rise with me home sweet home
to green fields of unknown tempo
bark bark cry cry
hey baby
feel me go away away
dont have a grudge on me...


sunrita said...

beautiful emotions...

nauka said...

hey its great..loved it