bearded philosopher

bearded philosopher

Thursday, August 21, 2008


nusrat sat down on the leather chair,his face drawn ,expressionless.he had crystal blue eyes but his gaze carried far off into a world of his own.the plump man sitting across him was definitely getting irritated.

"this is the second time"-he said"and ur still not sorry?"
"i am sorry"-nusrat said.
"and..."urged the man.

"that the world is full of the dumbest people i know and u have successfully gained a position in my list."

"you have left me no choice"the man bellowed.

"there is always one more choice"nusrat said as if to himself.

going to a flashback in this part of a story is not good.even the readers expect that.but readers want reason of the characters they confront.and all this would only deepen a sense of be it.

"i told my mommy"-nusrat
"and ur mommy allowed u?"he asked.
"she agrees that crime and punishment come to honourable men"-he said

"so u agree that u have committed a crime?"the man said lit with hope.

"i told my mom agrees with me, not that i agree with her"-nusrat said.

"i played by rules mr.bozo"-he added.

"ok,enlighten me abt the rules of this err game"..the plump man prodded.

nusrat's eyes lit like a shining star.he leaned forward .

"this game is about two people for two people.i have to ask u to jaoin for a demo mr.bozo"nusrat smiled.

mr.bozo showing in an air of indifference offered.

"make a cross across the table with the chalk"-nusrat demanded.
.bozo carefully chalked a cross.his cross was christian with one line obviuosly shorter.

and as nusrat told him it had to divide the table into four it did leaving two rectangles visibly shorter than the other two.nusrat grinned in delight.

"now the second rule of the game .u have to succeed in what i tell u to do to ur cross"nusrat said.

he waited,he had started to perspire.

"now imagine this a city and u have to place ur church on the centre point give me a plan of four houses such that all of them are equidistant from the church and from the four roads u drew"-nusrat said.

"thats impossible"-the man said.

"thats why the other two boys were killed.because they made it impossible for four individuals to get equal oppurtunities to God by drawing the cross christian.when religion is in ur head even while interrogating me , and as long as cross is religion for you, i shall continue my journey of destruction.goodbye mr.bozo.u lost the game"nusrat ended his speech with slitting his throat with the flick of his sharp knife and escaped from the window.

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Meghna said...

Hmmm. Interesting. But I wonder the protagonist may be a guy who does not like the idea of crossbeing a religion for someone, but he still goes on a rampage killing people. Serves a good point that a belief can be endorsed in either the good way or th ebad one. In this case obviously the bad one