bearded philosopher

bearded philosopher

Monday, March 17, 2008

rock in india

the topic is about the biggest thrash metal gig in india.9 bands one aim all the fukking headbanging u cud ever afford.the crowd was super and the energy was exhilerating.not all the bands did their best,but we liked some of the indian bands too much.there was one band named mother jane and one called millenium.both had extraordinary musicians.megadeth given only an hour,did the best they cud they rocked was so fukking crazy..weed all over the air,whiskey shots,headbanging,real awesome experience.we went home in silence but we realized thrs only silence and metal,in between evrything is small talk


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another brick in the wall said...

"thrs only silence and metal,in between evrything is small talk"


Anonymous said...

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