bearded philosopher

bearded philosopher

Thursday, March 20, 2008


holi has come,seasons change but the mood remains the same.i was happy for a couple of hours yesterday,just being there i guess.otherwise things are nasty,as nasty as they could get.wishing holi is far fetched thought,wishing good luck was an everyday affair.i could go on ahead and meet em guys but alas,fault of mine ,poor wretched soul i have been cursed of not moving that has been my wish to see em beasties where they are seated and everythings fine and stuff like a good samartian.but i have denied myself that luxury and it chokes midway down my ailementary canal.happy holi or happy diwali i think the first word is missing eh..

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ghostrider said...

where were u wen i was helpless and broken
sounds like tht