bearded philosopher

bearded philosopher

Monday, February 23, 2009

ronny's persuit of happiness

he was crouched over his stubby ciggarette ... puffing up smoke out of the window. He looked at his
scrawny body streched across barely few inches below six feet. He was good looking but he never thought so.
the simple reason being he could not see his face from the thick beard he kept. he looked down on the sidewalks of delhi.
his work had been eating his time but on weekends he became a frenzied soul. his one room apartment looked like a cage,
and he did not go out.Not that ronny had not tried his luck with girls. But everything which seemed hopeful
came to a abrupt stop, because he was too innocent. he believed everyone on face value.
such an incredulous soul who had been many a times been looted by his most extravagent crushes in most extravagent ways.

ronny had come of age and his dwindling sharp but fickle mind needed some food for the body.
to put it plainly he was desparately looking to get laid .

this morning adi had called him to say that she was getting married. he was horrified ,
because though he was not devoted to any girl as such , he only loved adi. he did not cry,
he was too big for that. he could booze but thts wht he normally did on weekends.

then suddenly the most horrendous picture of love came drifting in front of him. she laying on bed,
he beautiful hair caressing the pillow below, her beautiful shining eyes looking straight ahead.
and another man, his insides shrieked in anguish. he screamed inside like a angry wolf.

with the dying ember of his cigarrette he was in a daze. he decided he would do something that he thought
he would never indulge in. yes there were dangers but at times such as these where love lost,
desparate urges and needs of the body and stale beer painted a gloomy picture before him.

he put on his dirty jeans and headed to the roads of obcession.

the last 2months of his research took him irving street few lanes behind the cp junction.
he was scared , dazed a little but still determined to handle his resort. he walked carefully
looking sideways letting all the figurines transfix him. as he trudged forward he cluctched his pcoket
for the 2000 bucks he had saved for this. was money worth spending on this.

the first couple of interactions proved to him that he could not make himself spend time with
anything such derogative. feautures highlighted by make up, strong perfumes welling up in the air.
ronny felt sick, he turned to go when he saw what he had come for. there in the distance stood beauty in untarnished form.
he could not go away even if he was dragged by his feet. and so ronny found himsself with the beauty and her manager.

ronny with katrina reached her room, small swanky and smeeling of dust.
suddenly her manager burst in.
"ok gimme the room charge 800"
"what we decided on the price before"
and then as the manager raised her voice he saw the truth.
it was an enunch.

he was shocked and frightened, his insides squealing for fresh air.
coz in that room it was stuffy between two aromatic enunchs.
"i dont have nemore"

he thought that his persecutors wud let him go with the 2000 for nothing but what happened next spun the world for him.

a hard strong hand crashed on his cheekbones and he yelped in fury.
he was getting beaten.
no room to escape .
and in a few minuted he was on his knees, on the verge of tears.

they checked his wallet, his mobile for money.

then ronny got another thrashing he could not protect himself from.

he was on his way back.
he could think nothing , but in a way he thanked God. Who had saved him in a way which only
he understood.


ranjan said...

Intelligent n unique way of dumping in the characters.
The story unfolds itself using some hi-fi tokens which places it in higher echelons of english literature.
The soul of the story is beautifully embodied with free flowing words. The aroma of practicality and the fragrance of the cruel world is very much mirrored in the story. The story is well irrigated with the thoughts of frustrated Ronny.
In a nut shell, it was an unawry persuit of an unawry mind!!!
Excellent baba!!!!

Anonymous said...

...reminds me of a recent movie...with a twisted plot at the end :D ....god save us that this did not happen in the movie for she was beautiful....neways good initial/interesting post. though a ..bit of proofreading would was engaging none the less..also partly because of real life influene.and i did not get what is persuit..if it was supposed to mean anythin i did not get..otherwise i think it shud be pursuit :D

Anonymous said...

nice one !! liked it in bits and parts ;)